Erotic Passages

Felicity Johns

A stunningly dark, erotic collection of short fiction and poetry. From verse to orgy, this first volume has something for everyone, and is conveniently sectioned for selective reading. Whether you have a moment or the day to indulge in the rich language and sensual, sexual imagery, you will find something to arouse and delight.


Book Description

In this first collection by author Felicity Johns, treat yourself to a host of the dark and erotic. Divided into four separate parts for easy browsing, Erotic Passages explores hidden hungers with a variety of poetry, short fiction and flash fiction, as well as an ongoing journal of the tumultuous love affair between two star-crossed, long-distance lovers. We take a look into the emotions and eroticism of the taboo, as well as the romance of lyrical poetry.The thread that ties it all together is the deepest of human emotions; love, devotion, trust and intimacy.