You write so well. I loved the pacing and the joining of the mundane and the passion, if that makes sense! You deserve to be on the shelves in book shops. “ ~Katiekittykats-bitsandbobs

Amazing isn’t it how someone can express exactly how you feel inside? I love reading pieces that I can feel with all of my senses – I can hear and feel and taste – and dance – my favorite thing in the whole world. This is lovely.” ~Kimberly – words4jp

I see you’ve been inside my mind again. I think I can relate to every single word. Your writing never fails to astound me. I’m amazed and envious of your talents. Marvelous writing, you are ready for the big time, you are ready for the world to enjoy.” ~Brian – drksideofthemoon2001

You have such a way with rhyme and meter. “ ~Rachel – RachelWoe

“To me its like “No filters, straight from the camera” Its RAW!!” ~Jithin- trablog

Such beautifully written words, words that all of us can relate to. Thank you. Love, Amy” ~Amy – ladypinkrose

“You are an exquisitely gifted writer. Such phraseology as “It tore a rift in the transparent tulle that draped and clouded what passion there once was” reveals deep emotion and perhaps personal knowledge. It’s riveting!” ~Maria Spiros – thesensualpoet

There is just something extraordinary about your words.” ~George Agak

Curiosity is what draws us closer to perfection. I love you, Felicity. Write on!” ~SaBiscuit

Your writing is absolutely exquisite. It was very intriguing and I felt as though I was living in that girls shoes.” ~QueenofWTLGL

Fantastic erotic writing. Amazing.” ~JH

It’s always inspiring and heartening to see someone else express that curiosity, polymorphous and intensely felt that feeds the engine of creation. “ ~ M.L. Blissett – kinginascent

Touching and real expression of emotion, passion and loneliness.” ~B.L. Memee – memeethemuse

You really know how to play with words. The contents though explicit and challenging, is written beautifully, artfully.” ~nidazk



Erotic Passages Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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