3 Missing You

The softest touch
In the quietest moments
Before the dawn’s blush
Before daylight’s torments
Awaken our minds
To the brutal reality
Your kiss on my skin
Sends shivers all through me

And the love we make here
In the darkness of morn
Will remain on my skin
Till another day’s done
And we meet back right here
In this arena of lust
As night falls again
And I beg for your touch

I sigh and I melt
And I please you some more
Till our dawn sneaks back in
And we lie and adore
With most tender kisses
Your gentle caress
Your salt on my lips
With my head on your chest

Praying for night
To quickly return
Because while you’re away
I do nothing but yearn
For your softest touch
In these quietest moments
Before the day’s rush
Of missing you torments.


Erotic Passages Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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