6 Woman

Undulating white flesh; downslope of throat, upslope of beautiful, peaked breasts, down over ribs, dip of soft belly, muscled thigh, hard, smooth shin. And she arched, exaggerating the mountainous waves. Catlike, in a fluid movement brutally unselfconscious. His breath caught; he hardened. His heart roared, pounded, heightened throughout his body – God, the beauty, the fucking beauty.

He laid down beside her. He put his mouth on her. Closed his eyes. She became his universe. There was nothing but endless flesh to be touched, to be molded to his palms, to be tasted. There was no color, only blackness and heat. And the sounds she made, guttural sounds deep within herself. Her nails scratched lightly over his shoulders. Goose-flesh. Her teeth plucked at his lips. Her mouth was soft and hot and deliriously wet on his throat.

Her hands stroked the long muscles of his back, the taut roundness of his buttocks, the extra flesh over his kidneys. He was losing his mind beneath her touch. And he buried his face in soft undulating flesh and came.

She trembled and cried and fell with him; he slept.

He awoke alone. Another one faceless; to his memory, simply Woman.


Erotic Passages Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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