Welcome to the dark hallways of sensuality, forbidden desires, dangerous lust and true love. Look behind all the locked doors along the way that conceal the darker emotions hiding in between. This journey has been a long time in coming, having begun some twenty years ago. Hopefully this volume will be the first of many.

Explore the rhythmic dance of poetry in the first chapter, Passionate Kisses. It is a small collection of the hottest verses from my blog, The Dark Night Chronicles, and features two never-before-published works.

Dangerous Desires, the second chapter, is a collection of short works that take you deeper into the psyche of passion and lust, of demons that lurk and unfulfilled needs.

If you are a fan of The Dark Night Chronicles, The Story of Us compiles the first volume of Felicity and Adam’s tumultuous and passionate affair.

And finally, on a slightly kinkier bent, we explore the strange and fun side of real love with Elliot and Anne. This chapter includes the never-before-published ‘Rendezvous’ written especially for this book.

Thank you for roaming these erotic passages with me, and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Love, Felicity


Erotic Passages Copyright © 2015 by Felicity Johns. All Rights Reserved.


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